Looking back

| by Catherine Love

Two of the international delegates reflect on their highlights from Showcase week.


Corinne Woods, Managing Director of All For One

In terms of shows that I really enjoyed, yesterday I saw Raymondo by Annie Siddons, which I really loved. I loved the storytelling, I loved the integration of music into it, and the fantastical yet also very mundane sense that the story has where things aren’t superheroes and superpowers but sometimes the most important thing is being OK. That’s something that’s really lovely and that we don’t really get a lot; we tend to get a lot of highs and lows and not a lot in the middle. On a similar note, Every Brilliant Thing is also in that vein. I thought that was really lovely and beautifully done. 

The other piece of the Showcase that I really enjoyed was that I got to talk with the emerging artists group two days ago. I love talking to artists; I love talking to people about the future and the state of how things are and how to move forward. I really enjoyed getting the chance to sit down with some other presenters, some British Council managers and a whole host of young artists to talk about the future.

Gabriella Triantafyllis, General Manager of BIOS Exploring Urban Culture

This was my second Showcase, so I came much more prepared in the sense that I wanted to see specific things and I left out the bigger shows, the shows that would not fit in our programming. There were some amazing performances. I really enjoyed Every Brilliant Thing, I really enjoyed O. I actually enjoyed most of the Forest Fringe shows; I saw quite a few that were not even in the late recommendations.

This time round, what I realised is that there were a lot of performances that were interactive with the audience, which is very difficult to travel to a non-English speaking country. Although I really enjoyed them, I felt that there would not be space for them. I also really enjoyed Tomorrow’s Parties; we’ve done that in the past so it was my fourth time seeing it. Also Confirmation and Am I Dead Yet? - Chris Thorpe is an amazing artist, he’s just brilliant. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that I didn’t like. 

I also met some really nice people in these events. The Showcase is every other year and in between it’s caravan, so you end up forming relationships, not only with artists but with other venues and other organisations that might do similar things to what you do. I think there’s a network being built around it that might not be the aim of such an event, but it is happening and I think it’s a big thing, it’s very important.

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