Sets reworked and Islands revisited

| by Caroline Horton

Caroline Horton talks about re-imagining the set for touring and her wish to stir up some tax-related rage overseas.

Edinburgh is such a unique place to be; it has an energy about it that you don’t get anywhere else. It’s always a joy to totally immerse yourself in theatre, engage with an eclectic mix of companies and creative teams. 

it’s amazing to have the chance to give this strange little beast another outing

The original production saw the space at The Bush transformed into a decrepit swimming pool. Being selected as one of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase productions has given us the opportunity to re-imagine the set for the show and transform it into something that can tour to different venues. It’s also incredibly exciting to think about how the show might work with international audiences and what it might mean to them as a piece of political theatre. It’ll be very interesting to see how Edinburgh Fringe audiences respond compared to audiences at The Bush – it’s amazing to have the chance to give this strange little beast another outing.

The possibilities are endless! I always learn massive amounts about a show the more widely I tour it – so the more, and more varied, destinations the better. Also of course tax avoidance and evasion are international issues – it’d be great to stir up some tax-related rage overseas too. 

It’s vital that we, as theatre makers, constantly challenge our understanding of our work and how we approach it. It’s easy to end up working in the same places, with the same networks, who share similar ideals about art and the world. Touring a show internationally to countries where political and sociological ideals are often very different is a brilliant way to open up to new ideas and ways of creating. Similarly, engaging in a cultural exchange allows us to be exposed to other cultures and approaches that can influence our work and vice versa.

Caroline Horton is part of Caroline Horton & co, with China Plate and The Bush Theatre. Their show Islands, or how to play dirty and get away with it will be playing at Summerhall from 22 - 29 August and is part of the British Council's Edinburgh Showcase.

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