Looking ahead

| by Catherine Love

Two of our international delegates share what they are looking forward to in Showcase week.


Chintan Pandya, Fanatika/TransIndus Foundation

I’m here principally with two objectives. One is to find possibilities of collaborating with some of the British artists for our productions, and the other thing is also to invite some of the British productions to our festival in India. Yesterday was my first day at the Fringe and I went to see Confirmation by Chris Thorpe. I loved it; it’s a very strong performance, quite angry. Today I’m going to watch Swallow at the Traverse Theatre in the morning and then in the afternoon I have Islands and then in the evening Falling in Love with Frida. I’ve heard a lot about Falling in Love with Frida and it was also recommended by a few friends, so I’m quite looking forward to it. 

During the rest of the week I’m going to watch several other performances, among which there’s Edmund the Learned Pig, Tomorrow’s Parties, Give Me a Reason to Live, To Sleep To Dream, The Assembly of Animals, So It Goes, Money, Diary of a Madman, Butterfly, Every Brilliant Thing and Fake It ’Til You Make It. I also have on my list some other performances like My Name Is…, The Furies, Am I Dead Yet? and I’m going to look at some of the performances at Forest Fringe.

Francisco Frazão, Culturgest

I’m looking forward to seeing Brian Lobel’s piece, because I’ve seen Purge and so he’s definitely someone I’m interested in following. I’m interested in seeing the Chris Thorpe piece at the Traverse, Am I Dead Yet?, because we’ve collaborated with him quite a few times already. I’m seeing Gods Are Fallen, and I don’t know if I’m seeing Iphigenia [in Splott] or Islands because they’re both at the same time today and I still have to work out which one. They both seem really interesting in different ways - very different, but very political as well. 

I’m always here to find shows and to invite artists to Lisbon to Culturgest. But from the Showcase I also get these opportunities to meet people and not even necessarily see their shows right away because it’s so busy. I tend to see a lot of stuff outside of the Showcase anyway, so when I come to Edinburgh it’s a mix of seeing stuff at the places I already know that I really love like Forest Fringe and finding new people. Hopefully we can collaborate in the future even if it’s four or five years from now. I’m trying to think of this as going at several speeds at the same time; I don’t know if the artists are as patient as I am, but I think that’s a game we have to play.


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