Trade Fair: Why tour internationally?

| by Catherine Love

Catherine Love speaks to some of the companies at Friday's trade fair about why international touring is important to them.


Liam Sinclair, Executive Producer of Scottish Dance Theatre 

We love international touring because we love connecting with audiences across the world in different cultures, not only to present work but also to use it as an opportunity to influence our own practice and how we make dance and think about dance. Usually when we tour we like to create a programme of creative learning and artistic exchange around that as well as showcasing work. It’s an opportunity for us to work with communities on the road and also to connect with artists.

Emilie Rolland, Head of Programme at Fuel

The artists we work with at Fuel, some of them we’ve been working with for a very long time, and they are at that next stage in their career where they feel like they’ve toured the UK quite extensively and touring internationally enables them to meet a different audience and rethink their work a little bit. I think that’s what’s really appealing to most of them. Equally we’ve found that we’ve started working with new artists and they already want to tour internationally.

Natasha Bucknor, Executive Director of Talawa 

We’re a black-led theatre company and we’re creating work that we feel is unique within the UK theatre industry and really speaks to audiences, and we feel that our way of working and our way of telling stories could really resonate with people in different parts of the world. That’s our motivation, just trying to build relationships with different people working in different countries. For Talawa, one of the things that we’ve been really successful at is creating pathways for diverse artists into mainstream theatre through the work that we do, and we feel that actually we have models that we think work and our model could be replicated elsewhere as well.

Nicola Curry, Artistic Director of Maiden Voyage Dance

For us international touring is very important to put a spotlight on what is being created and made in Belfast, both through the local choreographers we commission and also the work of invited guests. It’s vital to expand where your work is seen and get feedback from other audiences, and it helps us as an organisation evolve in terms of the nature of the work we produce. It also connects us to the working practices of different artists who form part of a wider scene that extends beyond our shores. 


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