Imagine 2037: Droneful

Imagine 2037 is a festival of imaginary performances created by artists who are migrants. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of the British Council's Edinburgh Showcase by looking to the future. In the first of the series Farah Salah, a Palestinian dance artist based in Scotland, takes us to a hilltop in Edinburgh in 20-years-time


Droneful by Farah Salah 

In this participatory performance, a maximum of 50 audience members will stand on Arthur's Seat for over an hour facing the city of Edinburgh. They will be asked to bring their personal drones from home and use them to spray and colour areas of the city.

Each colour will have a specific demand.

A key for all the colours will be provided:

Greenlew for instance will mean 22m² more affordable housing is needed.

Purlish will imply more Sudanese restaurants are required

Redvay will indicate Wu-speaking schools are missing.

Yellon will suggest those specific areas in Edinburgh should reunite with Scotland.

Once the city areas have been fully coloured, the drones will take pictures of the audience's demands and send them to the city's council. To celebrate this civic and political act, the drones will be asked for one more favour: to serve champagne.


Farah's story:


I am a Palestinian dancer and choreographer active in Palestine, Europe and the US.

I was first introduced to dance and theatre at the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Syria, where I was born. At the age of seven, I started taking ballet classes in Jordan where I moved with my family.

Following the Oslo peace accords in 1996 we moved to Palestine where I started taking contemporary dance classes. In 2003, I left for Italy to study languages and dance, as the Second  Intifada was at its peak and universities were often closed and hard to reach. I decided to go back home in 2009.

In 2010 I started working professionally as a dancer and choreographer and my journey as a citizen of the world started all over again. I currently live in Edinburgh and am an Associate Artist at Dance Base.


#Imagine2037 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the British Council's Edinburgh Showcase by inviting artists who are migrants, from all over the world, to imagine the future with us.

We've asked eight artists to write about a performance that takes place in 20 years' time on Arthur's Seat, a hilltop overlooking Edinburgh. Watch out for all the imaginary performances in the series – we're releasing one a day from 19–26 August. 

Imagine 2037 is curated by Andy Field, Alma Salem, Cathy Gomez and Matt Beavers.


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