Imagine 2037: Six Actions for Transitioning

| by Maru Rojas

Mexican artist and writer Maru Rojas suggests six actions for transitioning to a degrowth world, as part of our Imagine 2037 series of imaginary performances

Day 1: Remembering

Looking down towards the city, trace the outline of the cityscape with your arm. Repeat at least 20 times, so the movement is committed to muscle memory. Mentally compare this memory to your visual memory of the city 20 years ago.

Day 2: Feeding

Take a sheet of recycled seed paper. Each paper includes three kinds of edible grains. Fold the sheet into a paper plane and throw the planes from Arthur’s Seat into the city, targeting green areas.

Day 3: Decolonising minds

If you have come from the Global South, today refuse to speak English. Actively engage in conversation with other visitors, but rely only on bodily gestures or insist on using your own language.

Day 4: Transitioning

If you are struggling to dissociate productivity with success in a world moving towards decapitalisation, spend an hour using a wooden stick to draw pictures on the ground. Then, leave no trace.

Day 5: Decolonising bodies

To aid the process of decolonising our bodies from the capitalist past, lie down on the ground and invite someone else to lie down with their head on your belly, forming a long human chain. Feel as your head and theirs move up and down with the rhythm of collective breathing.

Day 6: Rejection & commemorating

Stand atop Arthur’s Seat at sunrise. Try to forget the names of all the countries you’ve ever heard of. Then memorise 10 names of environmental refugees who lost their lives whilst fleeing disaster. Repeat their names aloud for the duration of sunrise.


Maru’s story

I am a Mexican artist, writer and facilitator, currently based in London.

I migrated to the UK and married too young in my eagerness to stay here. I graduated from Goldsmiths College with an MFA in Art Writing.

In my writing and artistic practice I examine the political decisions we make every day, through subtly subversive actions.

Although my work is often humorous or playful, it is critical of the status quo by constructing and employing small acts of resistance. I challenge institutionalised ideas within education, public space, human relationships, and our relationship to animals and objects.

As well as the UK and Mexico, I have shown work in Denmark, Ireland and Australia, and my writing has been published in the UK and the USA.

#Imagine2037 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the British Council's Edinburgh Showcase by inviting artists who are migrants, from all over the world, to imagine the future with us.

We've asked eight artists to write about a performance that takes place in 20 years' time on Arthur's Seat, a hilltop overlooking Edinburgh. Watch out for all the imaginary performances in the series – we're releasing one a day from 19–26 August.

Imagine 2037 is curated by Andy Field, Alma Salem, Cathy Gomez and Matt Beavers.

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