Imagine 2037: The Performance in the Sky

In the final imaginary performance of Imagine 2037, Joshinder Chaggar imagines a multi-national performance on top of Arthur's Seat

The air above Arthur’s Seat thunders with excitement. Stood on the peak, the audience looks up at the sky in anticipation. 

The dancer from Karachi flies into the atmosphere, carrying the scent of the city with him. He does a somersault in the air and speaks through his body, telling us a story about the city by the sea, the chaos & the love, the families and about the new tea stall that has just opened up in his neighbourhood.

A beautiful woman from Nigeria joins him and starts to sing a song about watching the snow melt on the mountains with her Argentinian lover. The space vibrates with a sensual pleasure.

Other dancers enter the space, caressing the audience as they fly by. They whisper stories in to their ears about friends in other lands, about spices they have tasted in undiscovered cities and about the sky with no border.

Musicians glide in from all continents and form an orchestra in the sky.

The audience rises and joins the artists, suspended in the air. The wind does a giddy waltz. The sun waits a little longer before it sets.


Joshinder’s story:

I am a performance artist, and I don’t identify with any one place as home.

I was born in India and my family moved to Nigeria, then Australia. As an adult, I moved to Karachi, Pakistan to explore the media industry. However, I ended up discovering myself in unexpected ways.

Each major move felt like a death; a new life and a chance to do it all again.

I started off as a dancer, Bollywood and modern contemporary. In Karachi I became intimately involved with theatre and fell deeply in love. My work has evolved into experimental dance dramas where I get to play with all my passions: dance, acting and writing. Since 2010 I have staged numerous shows, all very personal and always cathartic. My work is a continuous quest towards freedom.




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