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Round up: Dream of the future with Imagine 2037

| by Harriet Guest

Imagine 2037 is a festival of imaginary performances created by artists who are migrants. It kicks off on 19 August and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the British Council's Edinburgh Showcase by looking to the future and highlighting the founding principles of the Edinburgh Festivals — providing a meeting point for people from different places to understand each other

A new kind of Beckett

| by Eleanor Turney

Jess Thom, AKA Touretteshero, talks to Eleanor Turney about Beckett, biscuits and bodies

Apocalypse now?

| by Eleanor Turney

Kieran Hurley tells Eleanor Turney that his one-man show, Heads Up, takes a world in crisis and examines alienation, anxiety and apocalypse

Curious incidents

| by Eleanor Turney

Emma Jordan of Prime Cut Productions, talks about gender, teenagers and a new generation of Northern Irish writers with Eleanor Turney

"What is left when memory is gone?"

| by Eleanor Turney

Theatre Re’s show may focus on dementia and memory loss, but it’s really about life, Artistic Director Guillaume Pige tells Eleanor Turney

"We don't live in post-racial times"

| by Eleanor Turney

A Q&A with Selina Thompson about her solo show, which explores the afterlife of slavery and colonialism

Waving the flag

| by Eleanor Turney

National Dance Company Wales is bringing two pieces to the Edinburgh Showcase. Artistic Director Caroline Finn tells Eleanor Turney about the wealth of arts work coming out of Wales

How is technology shaping this year's Edinburgh Showcase?

| by Eleanor Turney

Surveillance culture, Big Data and video scenography. Andrew Westerside of Proto-type Theater and Simon Wainwright of imitating the dog explain to Eleanor Turney how technology influences the stories they tell and the tools they use