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Artists to Watch 2019

| by Eleanor Turney

Some of the most exciting companies and artists showing work at the Fringe this year – these are people to keep an eye on

Recommended shows

| by Eleanor Turney

Since the start of the Fringe, our Theatre and Dance team have seen countless shows, seeking out extra UK productions to draw to international programmers' attention at the Edinburgh Showcase. Find out what our top 2019 recommendations are...

Playlist: Testing the boundaries of theatre

| by Asya Robins

Animation, illustration, video projection, sign language integration. Watch our selection of short videos from some of the more established figures in UK performance, as they experiment with form to bring their stories to life

Playlist: The new generation of UK creators

| by Harriet Guest

The asylum process, the #MeToo movement, the changing face of technology. Artists in this year's Edinburgh Showcase give a fascinating insight into what's happening in contemporary society. Watch our collection of short videos for a snapshot of what's on the mind of UK theatremakers

Playlist: Dance and circus productions breaking traditions

| by Harriet Guest

Challenging stereotypes, reimagining classics and examining postcolonial perceptions. Watch our collection of short videos about the dance and circus productions in Edinburgh Showcase 2019 to see how artists are questioning our assumptions