Forest Fringe

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Forest Fringe is an organisation run collaboratively by three artists based in the UK. Together it creates festivals, hosts residencies and occasionally commissions new work as a way of helping to support a large and diverse community of independent artists.

It is best known for the free venue it has run at the Edinburgh Festival for the past 10 years, creating space for new and experimental work at the world’s largest arts festival.
Forest Fringe has been the recipient of two Herald Angels, a Scotsman Fringe First, The Peter Brook Empty Space Award and a Total Theatre Significant Contribution Award.

In the press

“Forest Fringe is all the things that theatre can be: messy, intensely live and alive, contrary and surprising, sometimes astonishing and often quite badly behaved”
The Guardian

“Like being a kid let loose in a sweet shop full of tantalising choices… Much better than sweets. You can gorge on Forest Fringe and never get sick, or tired of the flavours”
The Herald


Current productions

Forest Fringe Microfestivals

Since 2010 Forest Fringe have run a programme of site-responsive microfestivals, distilling the adventure and experimentation of their Edinburgh Festival venue into two or three days of concentrated activity. Past projects have taken place everywhere from a warehouse in Yokohama to a converted slaughterhouse in Shanghai and an old cinema in the centre of Bangkok.

Forest Fringe Residencies

Forest Fringe have hosted a range of original residency projects bringing Forest Fringe artists together with local artists in cities from Kanazawa to San Francisco. Hosted by Forest Fringe’s co-directors, these events offer an innovative space for experimentation and exchange.

Imaginary Festivals

Forest Fringe’s ongoing Imaginary Festivals project invites artists to animate theatres or cities with descriptions of imagined performances. These virtual projects bring together artists separated by thousands of miles to imagine a festival of wild and improbable events.

Paper Stages

Paper Stages is a book of instruction-based performances, each page a stage on which a performance occurs. In this festival-disguised-as-a-book are contained adventures through the city, scripts for a cast and audience of one, and other innovative experiments in solitude.