Fuel is a producing company which aims to catalyse positive change in the world by producing new live performance by inspiring theatre makers for and with people across the UK and beyond.

Fuel seek to realise this vision through a programme of artistic work inspired by the ambition of the outstanding artists they support. Previous shows include Black T-shirt Collection (Inua Ellams), Electric Hotel (Requardt & Rosenberg), Kursk (Sound&Fury) and Under Glass (Clod Ensemble).

Fuel is a three time Herald Angel Award winner. It has produced 109 shows and reached over 400,000 audience members across the UK and internationally. Founded in 2004, Fuel is based in London.

In the press

“One of the most exciting and indispensable producing outfits working in British theatre today.”
The Guardian

“Fuel is on the side of the angels… the living, breathing equivalent of good deeds in a naughty world.”
The Herald


Current productions

An Evening With an Immigrant by Inua Ellams

Born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother in what is now considered to be Boko Haram territory, Inua Ellams left Nigeria in 1996 aged 12. Littered with poems, stories and anecdotes, Inua tells his ridiculous, fantastic immigrant-story of finding a country to belong to and a place to call home.

Age range: 12 +

Barber Shop Chronicles, written by Inua Ellams and directed by Bijan Sheibani

One day. Six cities. A thousand stories.

Newsroom, political platform, local hot spot, confession box, preacher-pulpit and football stadium. For generations, African men have gathered in barber shops to discuss the world. This dynamic new play leaps from a barber shop in London to Johannesburg, Harare, Kampala, Lagos and Accra.

Age range: 12 +

DeadClub by Requardt & Rosenberg

DeadClub is open to those who are not dead yet. The recently dead need not apply. The nearly dead should take advantage of our early bird offer. You can either play or watch…

A new intimate dance show by the creators of Electric Hotel and The Roof.

Age range: 16 +

Fiction by David Rosenberg and Glen Neath

A surreal, immersive experience taking place in total darkness. Fiction explores the areas where sleep and wakefulness meet. The audience don headphones for an anxiously intimate, disorientating, journey through the sprawling architecture of dreams. The second show from the makers of the acclaimed show Ring.

Age range: 16 +

Give Me Back My Broken Night by Uninvited Guests and Duncan Speakman

Combining theatre, technology and a cinematic soundtrack, Give Me Back My Broken Night takes the audience on a walk through the city streets, inviting them to imagine the future of an area and see it appear before their eyes.

Age range: 14 +

The Hartlepool Monkey by Gyre & Gimble and Carl Grose

A French ship runs aground off the coast of England. Only a cabin girl and the ship’s mascot, a chimpanzee make it to shore. But the townsfolk mistake the monkey for a spy and condemn him to a life-or-death trial. A boisterous crew tell this timely tale through spirited sea shanties and mischievous puppetry.

Age range: 10 +

The Preston Bill by Andy Smith

The tale of a man from a city in The North of England. A reflection on the last 80 years of world politics and history. The story of a life. The story of our lives. Andy has been making theatre since 2004 and is a regular collaborator with Tim Crouch.

Age range: 12+

Under Glass by Clod Ensemble

Under Glass is a promenade production where the performers are presented within glass containers. At once a museum exhibit and a medical laboratory, characters appear as specimens; a woman in a jam jar, a ‘wallflower’ pinned behind a glass panel. We see human beings attempting to live within their limits.

Age range: 14+