Cheryl Martin



Cheryl Martin examines experiences most people are afraid to talk about, with a humour, warmth and raw honesty that draws audiences in. Her shows tour to studios, as well as non-theatre spaces such as libraries, hospitals, living rooms and prisons. 

Cheryl has won an Edinburgh Fringe First, as co-director/producer of The World Is Too Music (Traverse Theatre), and two Manchester Evening News Awards, one for writing and one for directing.

In the press

“It’s both intelligent and beautiful… A production that gets you deep down in your mind, heart and soul.”
Quiet Man Dave (on Who Wants To Live Forever)

“Exceptionally good… delivers her material with such energy, charm, emotion and honesty… In order to be beautiful, you need to be brave.”
British Theatre Guide (on Alaska)



Cheryl offers workshops including vocal/singing sessions, writing poetry/plays, directing and acting.

Current productions


Alaska is a trip to the moon, with singing and dancing thrown in. It is one woman’s extraordinary story of how she survived growing up with severe depression.  With 25% of us estimated to experience mental health difficulties during our lives, this story touches everyone.

Available from Summer 2017 – January 2020. 

Who Wants to Live Forever

One woman’s life-long love for Billie Holiday’s music and her lost baby brother. Who Wants to Live Forever is about camping holidays, friendship, loss, turning memory into myths - Amazon princesses sailing the skies - falling stars, and why we love them.

One-woman show.

Available from November 2017 - January 2020.