Marlborough Theatre

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The Marlborough Theatre works year round with LGBTQ+ practitioners, supporting and presenting performances by pioneering artists.

Its programme comprises a huge variety of theatre and performance from home-grown emerging talent to nationally acclaimed artists and companies. It specialises in the unusual and the unexpected, and seeks out work that has something to say about contemporary life.

The Marlborough Theatre is an intimate 55 seater, where it hosts most of its work. It partners regularly with The Spire, a 300 capacity disused church in East Brighton to host larger scale performance. The Malborough often locates work in unexpected spaces: disused shops, street corners, night clubs & digital spaces.

The Marlborough Pub and Theatre is a member of Live Art UK the national network of live art promoters.

In the press

“A refuge for cutting-edge performance” The Guardian


Current productions

Alice Holland – Daddy Issues: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and F*ck The Patriarchy

Starring neo-cabaret provocateur Ophelia Bitz (ArtWank!, The Sisterhood) and The Sex Objects, this surreal rock gig serves as a battlecry to dismantle the patriarchy, a battle fought by all for all. A life lived and survived via teenage sex work, international showgirlism, homelessness, psychotic episodes and profound joy informs this galvanizing and subversive experience.

Available Spring 2018 onwards

Harry Clayton-Wright – Sex Education

One parent refuses to talk about sex. The other parent buys their child gay porn DVDs.

Revisiting the explicit films his dad bought him at fourteen, Harry Clayton-Wright explores the ways in which we learn about sex and how that shapes us later in life.

Winner of the Out in Brighton LGBTQ Brighton Fringe Award, 2017.

Available Jan 2018 onwards

Hester Chillingworth – Shorty

This solo show looks at the position of the non-binary child, and the relationship with the mind when the body is compromised.

This lo-fi and sticky extravaganza is made from the scraps at the bottom of a school bag and straddles cabaret, live art, stand up, poetry recital, and the hopeless play you make your parents watch you do.

Available Autumn 2017 and throughout 2018

Lucy McCormick – Triple Threat

Post-popular prodigy Lucy McCormick and her Girl Squad present a provocative, subversive retelling of the greatest story of all time.

Casting herself in all the main roles, Lucy attempts to reconnect to her own moral conscience by re-enacting the New Testament via a nu-wave holy trinity of dance, power ballads and absurdist art. A wild, queer club performance, directed by Ursula Martinez.

Rachael Young – OUT

Featuring movement inspired by Dancehall and Vogue, OUT is a brave new live art/dance performance, exploring homophobia and transphobia within our communities.

The stickiness and complexity of gender, sexuality, religion and cultural oozes out, embracing the audience in an all-encompassing queerness; defiant, loving, unapologetic and filled with celebration.

Available Autumn 2017 and February - December 2018

Stacy Makishi – The Comforter

The Comforter has the intimate quality of a prayer and the rowdy atmosphere of a rally. It’s part game-show, part ritual, part disco, part gospel choir, part party. This interactive performance experiment reclaims spirituality and offers a queer perspective on church. Loosely based on the films of Ingmar Bergman’s Faith trilogy and the music of George Michael, The Comforter will blind you with Faith.

Available Jan 2018 onwards