Mind the Gap

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Mind the Gap is one of Europe’s leading learning disability theatre companies.

It works in partnership with learning-disabled artists to deliver a world-class artistic programme that has an impact locally, nationally and internationally - work that excites, surprises and challenges audiences.

Its work can be seen in arts and theatre venues, from small to large scale, indoor and outdoor. Multi-artform in approach, Mind the Gap’s productions often include theatre, dance, music, film, and everything in between. All productions are created and performed by trained, experienced learning-disabled artists.

In the press

“CONTAINED forces us to rethink the dominant narratives around disability, defiantly and joyously trashing any idea of lives less fully lived and experienced.”
he Guardian

“Thought provoking, devoid of self-pity and stylishly presented, Mia is a stimulating examination of an issue that demands wider consideration.” 
Manchester Theatre Awards


Current productions


Nine interwoven true stories told through live performance, film, photography, music and dance. Min 3-day residency required. Available in English & BSL, English & French and English & German.
Mid-scale theatre, touring now

Mia - Daughters of Fortune

Mia explores the truths and myths about learning disability and parenthood in today’s society. Pop culture with popcorn, science with silliness, stories with statistics. Mia challenges the often taken for granted idea of ‘being a parent’. Available in English.

(Small-scale theatre)

Available from Summer 2017.

Mirror Mirror

Through absurd performance, technology and playful imitation, Mirror Mirror explores experiences of people who are considered ‘different’ in society. Playful, surreal and thought-provoking: who’s in front of the mirror?

Outdoor / Costumed Street Theatre.

Available from Summer 2017.

Other work

Mind the Gap has further work available for touring, including a Dance Company, Band, and numerous topical Forum Theatre pieces, they constantly develop new work for touring.