Ria Hartley



Ria is an interdisciplinary artist, working across the fields of contemporary performance, devised theatre, site-specific, durational performance, live art, installation, video, one-to-one, photography and socio-political performance.

Her practice pays close attention to memory, identity, human relationships and shared narratives, and often invites participation and exchange between artist and audience. She seeks to blur the relationship between performer and audience, space and situation, in order to open new spaces of thought and exchange. Lucy has won the In-Between Time Wild Card Commission with Fierce Festival & ACCA (2016) and The Contact Flying Solo Commission (2015).

In the press

“One of the UK’s most exciting performance makers”
Live Art Development Agency

“Like a deep sea diver, Ria Hartley dares to descend deep down to places dangerous and forbidden in order to surface with a pearl. Breathtaking.”
Stacy Makishi, Live Artist and Director


Current productions


Inspired by Women who run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Descansos mark the death sites, the dark times, but they are also love notes to your suffering. They are transformative. There is a lot to be said for pinning things to the earth so they don’t follow us around. There is a lot to be said for laying them to rest.

Durational Performance (4 hours +)

Available from 2017-2019


What would you do if you could return to a memory and change it? Would it affect your future? Could you rewrite a part of your own history?

RECALL is a one-to-one live mediated performance which invites you to create a new memory and re-write a moment in your personal history based on your own desires and imaginations.

Available from 2017-2019


Untouchable is a piece about endurance, resilience and survival. It’s about finding the courage to speak out. It’s about the hidden realities of everyday life that happen behind closed doors. It’s about the impact that domestic violence has on real people, a family, lives that matter.

 Available from 2018-2019