Sleepdogs is a collaboration between director/producer Tanuja Amarasuriya and writer/composer Timothy X Atack. They make theatre, film, audio and digital work that uses vivid storytelling, intricate sound design and visceral aesthetics to create emotionally compelling experiences for audiences. They are interested in interdisciplinary tactics, the splicing of traditions, and how we exist as humans in a technologically and culturally dispersed world.

Sleepdogs’ work has been developed and presented nationally and internationally including the National Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Brighton Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, BBC Radio, NexT International Film Festival (Bucharest), Manchester Royal Exchange and BIOS (Athens).

In the press

“Harrowing, intelligent, beautifully crafted and deftly performed. And ultimately incredibly uplifting in an impossible-to-describe kind of way.”
Postcards from the Gods (on The Bullet and the Bass Trombone)

“Theatre at its most demanding, its most uncomfortable, its most evocative, its most primal, its most human, its most complex, and its most brilliant.” (on Dark Land Light House)