The Forecast

Amy Bell


Amy Bell is a young dance artist making intelligent, mature work that unwraps conversations about LGBT+ identities. She challenges ‘them-and-us’ attitudes and thinks deeply about marginalisation and embodiment. Politically rigorous yet uniquely accessible, her work has been performed in theatres, museums, galleries and site-responsive settings. Bell also writes about dance, curates performance and teaches. She has been an associate artist at The Place and she led the Next Choreography course for young makers with Siobhan Davies Dance.

The Forecast is a full-length solo dance theatre show that explores sexuality, desire and gender from a queer woman’s perspective. Addressing the audience directly, Bell talks and dances her way through a series of transformations with witty text and inventive choreography. With humour and sensitivity, she draws on her own experiences and cleverly deconstructs the languages of spoken word and movement. The work investigates how women in dance are portrayed and how they’re treated behind the scenes. It features projected animation by dance and visual artist Hetain Patel and an immersive live sound score by composer Jamie McCarthy.

The Forecast is in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and is presented by The Place.

In the press

"A delightful, sprawling tapestry of metaphors. Nuanced with wit and sincerity, Bell’s as articulate with her body as with her words" Dance Tabs (on The Forecast)

"A strident call to arms. Watch this space – new ways of imagining women in dance are on the horizon" Everything Theatre (on The Forecast)

Production details

  • Writer

    Amy Bell
  • Devisor

    Amy Bell
  • Choreographer

    Amy Bell
  • Designer

    Animator and dramaturg: Hetain Patel
  • Number of people on stage

    1 (and 1 composer in the auditorium)
  • Number of people in touring company

  • Freight

    Excess baggage
  • Touring Availability

    From September 2019
  • Scale of venue

    Small-scale (capacity up to 400)
  • Minimum performance space

    8m x 7.5m
  • Text-based

    Dense (important for audiences to have a good understanding of English)
  • Also contains:

    Live Music, Nudity, Strong Language

In Edinburgh

  • Venue

    Dance Base, 14–6 Grassmarket Edinburgh, EH1 2JU
  • Production dates

    21–25 AUGUST
  • Production times

  • Duration

    60 MINS
  • Audience capacity





Amy has extensive experience facilitating workshops, intensives and longer term courses for young people, adults and older people with varying degrees of experience with dance in a range of cultural contexts (including Russia, Brazil, USA and throughout Europe). Workshops based on The Forecast can be aimed towards:
- Professional dance and performance artists
- Skilled young dancers in training
- Teenagers and young people e.g. secondary school groups, local young LGBTQI+ groups, recreational dance and performance groups thinking about gender identity, movement, embodiment.
- Adults who are new to dance and interested in it

Content can be tailored depending on the context, and on the interests and experience of participants. Areas of focus can be combinations of:
- Technical movement training
- Improvisation skills
- Gender, sexuality and embodiment
- Using movement, voice and text
- Dramaturgy, form and structure
- Strategies for developing collaborative skills
- Approaches to solo dance practice
- Creative feedback skills

Talks and Discourse

Amy is experienced in participating in and hosting a range of contextual elements internationally. She is sensitive to cultural specificity, used to working in contexts where English is not the first language and is comfortable working with translators. Activities can include:
- Q&A sessions on themes of The Forecast, creative process and dance practice
- Hosting panel discussions and interviews. Amy has previously done this for European project Performing Gender in Italy, Croatia, The Netherlands and Spain around gender, sexuality and artistic practice
- Facilitating discussion, reflection and writing events for local artists, LGBTQI+ groups, women’s groups
- Writing essays or discussion pieces for a variety of contexts. Previous examples include a book of essays and interviews for Performing Gender.

Principles of supporting activities include:
- Developing and working with empathy
- Cultivating authenticity
- Inclusivity and positive acceptance of difference

Additional productions

TOMBO(Y)LA is a drop-in durational installation for gallery spaces. It creates unravelling interactions and investigates gender performativity and unruly femininities through conversation and body.

TOMBO(Y)LA can sit as a sister piece to The Forecast. It can also be requested separately as it is actively touring.

Concept and performance: Amy Bell

Tombola maker: Hannah Sharp