Scored in Silence

Chisato Minamimura


Chisato Minamimura is a Deaf dance artist and choreographer based in the UK, who danced with Candoco for three years. Her own work brings a unique Deaf perspective to dance and music. She explores the visualisation of sound, the relationship between sign language and mime, and the latest digital technology. She uses technology to enable both d/Deaf and hearing audiences to experience music and sound in new ways. Minamimura has received commissions from Unlimited and Brighton Digital Festival.

A striking solo performance, Scored in Silence investigates the dropping of atom bombs on Japan in 1945 and uncovers hidden stories. Through narration, films and found footage, Japanese d/Deaf people remember the experience of the atom bombs and tell moving stories of how their lives were affected. The work was developed with Canada’s Vibrafusion Lab. It features projected 3D projection, animation, film and a haunting sound composition that audience members feel through vibrating straps around their bodies. This is an imaginative piece of documentary dance theatre that shares untold stories of discrimination, disenfranchisement and survival.

Scored in Silence is in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In the press

"The testimonies defy the imagination; witness to the falling of black rain on a landscape filled with corpses. It is a powerful and heartbreaking piece of storytelling – emphasising the isolation experienced by deaf people" Colin Hambrook, Editor, Disability Arts Online

"The story was very moving, and your performance was incredibly powerful and thought-provoking" Antonio Benitez, Manchester Science Festival Director

Production details

  • Writer

    Chisato Minamimura
  • Director

    Artistic Director: Chisato Minamimura
  • Designer

    Stage, Light and Projection Designer: Jon Armstrong, Soundscape Designer: Danny Bright, Animation: Dave Packer, Producer: Sarah Pickthall
  • Number of people on stage

  • Number of people in touring company

    4-5 (including 1 BSL interpreter)
  • Freight


    Up to 20 Woojers in a large case and hand held Holo-Guaze

  • Touring Availability

    From October 2019
  • Scale of venue

    Small-scale (capacity up to 400)
  • Minimum performance space

    5m x 6m (more details available on request)
  • Text-based

    Medium (some text with a strong visual/physical element)

In Edinburgh

  • Venue

    Greenside – Emerald Theatre, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX
  • Production dates

    19–23 AUGUST
  • Production times

    1010–1110 (including intro re: tech use)
  • Duration

    60 MINS
  • Audience capacity




The company offer conversations about the process, short talks and demos re: Woojer straps.