Oh Yes Oh No

Louise Orwin


Louise Orwin is an interdisciplinary artist creating research driven projects about urgent, political subjects to fuel social change. She often works with video and with non-performer participants. Her work interrogates what it means to identify as female today, in a media-saturated world that prizes patriarchal, heteronormative narratives. Orwin has toured across the UK and Europe and appears in our main programme this year after being one of our Artists to Watch in 2017.

Oh Yes Oh No is about having sexual fantasies that don’t align with your politics. Using audio from interviews with people talking candidly about their sex life, Orwin poses difficult questions about desire and rape culture. The result is a surreal joyride through femme sexuality and violence, featuring live video, Barbie’n’Ken audience role play, and immersive sound design. The show is a dark, provocative and playful exploration of a subject that is rarely addressed publicly, especially in the wake of #MeToo. Oh Yes Oh No interrogates current sexual cultures and is full of anger for those who have had their voice denied.

Oh Yes Oh No is in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In the press

“Bold, brave work, and all the better for being filled with the voices of real women who are staking a claim for their own erotic agency” The Guardian

“Startling and resonant show questioning female desire and its relation to rape culture” The Stage

Production details

  • Writer

    Louise Orwin
  • Director

    Dramaturg: Gemma Paintin and Jo Bannon
  • Designer

    Sound Designer: Alicia Jane Turner, AV Designer: Josh Pharo, Set Designer: Kat Heath, Lighting Designer: Alex Fernandes
  • Number of people on stage

  • Number of people in touring company

  • Freight


    20kg, 3x3m

  • Touring Availability

    From September 2019
  • Scale of venue

    Small-scale (capacity up to 400)
  • Minimum performance space

    5m x 5m
  • Text-based

    Medium (some text with a strong visual/physical element)
  • Also contains:

    Interactivity, Sexually Explicit Material, Strong Language

In Edinburgh

  • Venue

    Cairns Lecture Theatre, Summerhall 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
  • Production dates

    31 JULY, 2 AUGUST, 3–11 AUGUST, 13–18 AUGUST, 20–25 AUGUST
  • Production times

  • Duration

    70 MINS
  • Audience capacity




The Oh Yes Oh No workshop was developed in tandem with a therapist and sexual health researcher, and offers participants an opportunity to explore the politics of desire and performance in a safe space. More information and participant testimonials here: www.louise-orwin.squarespace.com/oh-yes-oh-no-workshop

The How To Begin workshop was developed for artists looking to learn working practices and metholodologies for the beginning stages of making work. How can we make from a place of love and not judgement; how can we open ourselves up to creative flow?

The Risk and Ambiguity workshop looks at specific methodologies Louise engages in her work to disrupt passive viewing, and to create active, complicit audiences. It looks specifically at creating risk-based and task-based actions in work, as well as interrogating and playing with forms of audience participation. It is ideal for artists and those interested in creating absolutely live work.

Additionally, Louise has spoken on the following themes at universities, conferences, and on panels and podcasts:
- Female sexuality and rape culture
- Self-care and creating safe mental health practices when working with trauma and/or autobiography as an artist
- Making work as a solo female artist
- Creating work with others: using real world voices in public work
- Making disruptive, risk-based work
- Integrating live video into performance practice.
More information can be found here: www.louise-orwin.squarespace.com/education

Louise is currently making a new show, CRY CRY KILL KILL, about female rage, horror movies and Sad Girl Theory. The show features live video, live music and wrestling, and Louise is currently looking for national and international residency space and partners with whom to develop the work.

Additional productions

A Girl and A Gun: This is a show about girls and guns. It’s a show that asks two people to take to the stage and play out a film script in front of you. It asks what it means to be a plot device, what it means to be a hero, and what it means to watch. The show features live camera feeds and projection, an unprepared male performer each show, and gun-twirling, line-dancing and Nancy-Sinatra-singing.

Pretty Ugly: In 2013, Louise lived online as three teenage alter-egos. Pretty Ugly follows her trail of research into how Generation YouTube uses the ever widening field of social networking to reach others. There is a live YouTube experiment, some Britney, a tender and inappropriate love story with a man twice her age who thinks she is a 14 year old, and some of her childhood toys. It is about our obsessions, and pretensions, and teenage girls – but don't let that put you off. It is also about you and Louise and the internet.