Robbie Synge


Based in the Scottish Highlands, Robbie Synge is an independent choreographer producing work in response to natural and architectural environments and the potential of the human body. His performances reflect his rural home environment; and his original study and work in physiology and biological science. Recurring themes include playful experiment with the body – or inanimate objects as choreographic bodies – to test standard assumptions of form and function, often with unpredictable and surprising results. Generating substantial industry interest when he was a semi-finalist in The Place Prize for Contemporary Dance with Settlement in 2012, Synge’s work has subsequently been presented across the UK and Europe.

In Douglas, a lone performer is situated amongst a number of simple inanimate objects. Both a comment on our longing for connection and a lo-fi study of choreography extended beyond the body, this minimalist work embraces unpredictability and offers unique responses to different performance spaces. Taking a novel approach to sound and lighting – which is operated and affected by both performer and object during the show – Synge creates an environment within the theatre where the physical body, objects, lighting and sound become interconnected.


In the press

“Edges from bravura tricksiness to something unexpectedly affecting, bordering on the cataclysmic even.” ★★★★ The Herald 

"Delightfully clever... humorous, engaging" ★★★★ Examiner 

Production details

  • Director

    Robbie Synge
  • Choreographer

    Robbie Synge
  • Number of people on stage

  • Number of people in touring company

  • Freight

    Excess baggage
  • Touring Availability

    From October 2015
  • Scale of venue

    Small-scale (capacity up to 400)
  • Minimum performance space

    7m x 7m x 4m (height)
  • Text-based

    Light (very little or no text)

In Edinburgh

  • Venue

    Sanctuary, ZOO
  • Production dates

    14–19, 25–29 AUGUST (not 16 AUGUST)
  • Production times

    1310–1400 14–19 AUGUST, 1150–1240 25–29 AUGUST
  • Duration

    50 MINS
  • Audience capacity



  • Address

    Little Katewell
    Scotland IV16 9UU
  • Email
  • Contact at showcase

    Alice McGrath
    +44 (0)7780 607665

    Robbie Synge


Robbie Synge can lead workshops inclusive to all abilities and ages. Sessions would involve working around the themes and choreographic approaches in Douglas and would require the use of a range of easily accessible objects in a dance studio (chairs, balls, ropes, fabrics, etc). 

The company is open to discussing any opportunities to engage in any other activity with local participants, professionals or audiences.

Additional productions

SettlementRobbie and Julie (working title, work to be completed end of 2015)